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This is Ferdy’s Story… so far

Ferdy is the baby on the yard, therefore his story is relatively short!

I purchased Ferdy as a yearling, having decided I wanted a Hanoverian after working on a stud yard in my teens. I searched the internet and found Ferdy’s picture, and description. I fell in love and decided he was the one, I imagined that he may be hundreds of miles away - I was searching the world wide web after all, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that Ferdy was less than two miles from my home!

Ferdy made the short journey from his stud and arrived in the summer of 2013, he is a cheeky chappy, always getting into mischief!

I have never known such a sensible and trainable horse, I am very excited about him… watch this space!

Sophie Ostler Equine - SOequine.co.uk


Ferdy rearing Ferdy of Westoak

I will be documenting Ferdy’s training - keep up to date with his progress on Facebook, and YouTube

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