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This is Minnie’s Story…

R.I.P. Minnie Moo 1998 to 2023

We bought Minnie in 2012, I was looking for another horse because we were moving into our new house with land, and I needed something to keep Jason company.

I started looking for companion ponies and Minnie’s picture popped up on my Facebook wall, her owners were looking for a new home for her. Minnie was a very successful jumping pony, until an injury put her out of action for a long time and the daughter was ready to progress to horses.

Minnie is a big horse with short legs! She is a schoolmistress, she’s been there, done that and got the T-shirt…

Little did I know that Minnie would become not only a loved member of our family, but also a very valuable asset for me. Minnie is very responsive and clever, she took well to lateral work and I realised that maybe she could be more than a companion and have a second career in dressage and showing. She became the back up ride when Jason was out of work, enabling me to continue training.

Minnie won her first ridden show in 2014.

Minnie was diagnosed with Cushing’s in October 2014.

Minnie Jumping Cross Country Minnie Jumping Cross Country Heavenly Grey Showing Minnie in stable

Minnie with her previous owners

Minnie with her previous owners

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