My Horses Sunray Supremacy

Name: Sunray Supremacy  

Owner: Sophie Ostler

Stable name: Jason

Breed: Anglo-Arab

Height: 15.2hh

Born: May 1998

Discipline(s): Showing, Dressage

Likes: Carrots, polo’s, being groomed

Dislikes: Dentist, jumping

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Sunray Supremacy


Ferdy of Westoak


Ferdy of Westoak

Name: Ferdy of Westoak

Owner: Sophie Ostler

Stable name: Ferdy

Breed: Hanoverian

Height: 16.3hh (growing!)

Born: April 2012

Discipline(s): Dressage, Agility

Likes: Fresh shavings, food, attention, Jason


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Heavenly Grey Heavenly Grey

Name: Heavenly Grey  

Owner: Sophie Ostler

Stable name: Minnie

Breed: Connemara

Height: 14.1hh

Born: Jan 1998

Discipline(s): Jumping, Showing, Dressage

Likes: Jumping, wither scratches

Dislikes: Needles

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I have four horses, Jason, Ferdy, Minnie and Fiona. Scroll down to view their profiles.

Name: Fiona of Westoak  

Owner: Sophie Ostler

Stable name: Fifi

Breed: Hanoverian

Height: Huge (growing)

Born: Apr 2017

Discipline(s): Dressage (one day!)

Likes: Cuddles, attention, everything!

Dislikes: Nothing

Fifi’s story under construction…



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