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My  Horses

Sunray  Supremacy

Ferdy  of  Westoak

Heavenly  Grey

Fiona of Westoak

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Equine Wellbeing Centre

Located in the beautiful countryside of East Ayrshire, Scotland.

  1.5 miles from the village of Ochiltree.

  (Just 10 miles from Ayr, and 5 miles from Cumnock.)

We are in the process of setting up for a 2019 launch. Exciting!!

We will be offering; equine training, therapy, rehabilitation…

Therapy Equipment;

We like to keep things as natural as possible for our horses, being mindful of the three F’s.. Food, Freedom and Friends.

With a large communal barn for shelter, 24/7 access to grazing and all weather turnout paddocks. Ad-lib hay/haylage is provided.

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            Ardall SR2 dummy (for backing, remedial and rehab).

                     Great views.. even the horses agree!


Are you an Equine / Canine therapist?

Our facilities are available to hire. Get in touch